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It all starts with a vision.
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We expect students who graduate from UCLA Community School to enter the adult world as confident and capable human beings, prepared to succeed in college, pursue meaningful careers, and participate in our democracy.

The adults that support these students know them well and ensure that each engages in scholarship that is challenging and relevant to their lives. 

To achieve this vision, we combine teaching, research, and service — advancing UCLA’s core mission in a dynamic partnership school.

As one of the first Pilot Schools in Los Angeles, we are a neighborhood public school that has freedom to innovate in exchange for heightened accountability to perform.

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We are also guided by a set of core beliefs.

Language and culture are central to learning and human development.

Individuals learn as members of a community that values their participation and is respectful, productive, and inclusive.

The purpose of schooling is to guide all learners, both students and adults, to think critically about the world around them, to engage as agents of social change, and to promote democratic practices.