Lower School

Grades TK-5

Our youngest students start school in a nurturing transitional kindergarten class to build a foundation for passionate and active learning. From there, they move through the Lower School in three multi-age Dens, staying with the same teacher and peers for two years. This approach creates a strong, supportive community for children and allows teachers to personalize learning. Building on the language assets of our families, all students participate in a dual language program (Spanish/English or Korean/English) where students receive language and content instruction in two languages.

Lower school students

Middle School

Grades 6-8

As the transition between the lower grades and high school, the middle school (Division 1) provides a nurturing student-centered learning community.  Instruction is cored in 6th grade to enable students to develop close relationships with two content teachers (math/science and humanities).  In 7th and 8th grades, students move upstairs and rotate across core classes and project-based seminars, supported by the same advisor for two years.  Division 1 students demonstrate their learning at the end of 8th grade before they culminate to the high school.

High School

Grades 9-12

All students enroll in a rigorous sequence of college-prep courses that exceed the standards for admission to the University of California/California State University System.  Students learn in an eight-period rotating block schedule designed to support the longer time needed for active, inquiry-based learning.  In addition to core classes and an advisory period, students explore their interests and passions through an innovative seminar program that culminates in a Senior Internship experience. The school also partners with Los Angeles City College to offer several college-level courses each semester.



Supporting All Students & Families

The College and Career Center provides support for all students to explore their interests, learn about enrichment and job opportunities, and develop a postsecondary plan.  The Center arranges visits to two and four-year colleges, admission counselor visits to the school, SAT/ACT preparation, and helps students and their families complete financial aid forms.  Almost all students graduate from the school with a plan to attend a two or four-year college.

Preparing College Graduates

Getting students to college is only part of the school’s work.  We aim to prepare them to stay, succeed, and graduate.  In partnership with UCLA and the National Student Clearinghouse, the College Center tracks students’ enrollment rates and persistence through college. To inform efforts to improve the school’s college going culture, teachers, counselors, and researchers review these and other data at an annual college-going partnership retreat.

Listen to Jeffrey and Farhan from the Class of 2015 share how they were prepared to succeed at UCLA.