High School

Grades 9-12

All students enroll in a rigorous sequence of college-prep courses that exceed the standards for admission to the University of California/California State University System.  Students learn in an eight-period rotating block schedule designed to support the longer time needed for active, inquiry-based learning.  In addition to core classes and an advisory period, students explore their interests and passions through an innovative seminar program that culminates in a Senior Internship experience. The school also partners with Los Angeles City College to offer several college-level courses each semester.

Instructional Schedule | Horario escolar

Family-Teacher Conferences
Conferencias entre familias y maestros

Fall Semester Week of October 24 | Semana del 24 de octubre
Spring Semester Week of March 6 | Semana del 6 de marzo | Modified Schedule

See Presentation w/Tutoring Schedule |
Presentación con horario de tutoria

9th-12th Afterschool Program

EduCare provides academic, enrichment and leadership opportunities to all RFK High School students grades 9 – 12. Programs are schedule based on student requests. Classes include:

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For more information please email Manuel Chan Pool at manuel@educarefoundation.com